Permanent Magnet Brushless Alternators, BLDC Motors

HMTD Engineering Pvt. Ltd., started in 1981. We have  a  manufacturing  unit  with  CNC  and  other Modern  facilities in Taloja, Navi  Mumbai and is  certified for ISO-9001:2015 . HMTD Joined with AXCO MOTORS, FINLAND  for manufacturing PM motors and Generators for Small Hydro, Wind ,Tidal applications and for manufacturing special purpose electrical machines and controls for exports  We have tie ups with Turbine Manufacturers for these applications. Our specialization is permanent magnet alternators, BLDC Motors and controls and Thyristor switched power factor correction equipments for TSS and for Electricity Board.  We have our sister companies manufacturing Power Transformers and Distribution transformers and also Punching facilities of Laminations for Transformer Manufacturers.

HMTD Engg. Pvt. Ltd., is leader in design, development and manufacture of Permanent Magnet Brushless Alternators, BLDC Motors and their Control equipments.  Our strong point is our R & D having highly qualified and experienced engineers in Electrical, Mechanical and Power Electronics.  We have CNC manufacturing facilities, latest Mechanical, Electrical and Electronic Instruments, Software for 3D modeling, design, drawing, CNC Machining and analysis purposes.  Our association with our customer brought a number of unique new products to match their applications and continuous improvements.   We also share the R & D efforts of our principals  AXCO MOTORS, FINLAND.


  • 25 kW Brushless Alternators and Controllers.
  • 30 KW PM Alternators and controls with Battery Chargers
  • Micro controller based Electronic Regulators for Brushless Alternators.
  • Ranges of BLDC Motors and Controls.
  • PM alternators for Small Hydro LOW Head Applications

Thyristor switched power factor correction equipments