Inductor type alternators are used with RRUs and ERRUs in AC Coaches for powering the appliances and Battery Charging. Two numbers alternators and control panels are used in one AC coach.

The alternators are built with Stator Stack of CRNGO low loss stampings  and have stator winding wound in the Stator slots. The stator is wound with three phase winding in the slots punched for the stator winding.  There are two slots provided for the field coil in the stator stack        to house the field winding.

The rotor is assembled with CRNGO stamping, punched with rotor slots and teeth to give the required number of poles as per the Stator winding. The rotor is only a cogged assembly and skewed to vary the permeance/reluctance  in the air gap  for generation of voltages while running  and there is no winding in the rotor.


CAPACITY                                  – 25 kW

OUT PUT VOLTAGE                 – 130 V, DC

SPEED                                         – 400 Cut in / 800 MFO / 2400 RPM Maximum

CURRENT                                   – 193 Amps.(Continuous Duty) ,212 Amps.One hour duty

MOUNTING                               – BOGIE, Transom

DRIVE                                          – ‘V’ BELT  C 122 -12 numbers, Two Pulleys 6 belts each side

Double ended Drive