The low head hydropower is un utilized more than 85% in India and can be easily harnessed for effective and efficient use. From 2 meters to 10 meters water head and depending on the water flow in cubic meters per second we can offer power plant from 50 kw to 1000 kw Permanent Magnet Alternators which is designed to give full power at low speed without any Gear Box. The power can be grid connected directly or with frequency controller depending on the water flow and speed of the turbine.  These machines are submerged in the water stream or mounted outside with special turbine having full protection for the stator and rotor. The design is oil free and set and forget type.

The concepts can be used in irrigation canals and in remote places with minimum ancillaries.

We have the facilities to submit the proposals once the site data is given to us . The civil work is not in our scope of supply but we can give the design for the structural work for mounting the alternators and the turbine. We have our sister concerns to supply the required transformers for effective grid connections.

We have a tie up for design, analysis develop, manufacture the PM Alternators and the controls. We are associating with Indian turbine manufacturers and also the turbine manufacturers in East European Countries for efficient turbines. We have complete erection, commissioning engineers trained in Europe and maintenance engineers to maintain the plant in the warranty period and after the warranty period. We stock complete spares to give hurdle free operations and to give maximum PLF.